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American college students crazy in love with Chinese fake ID

Jack’s first fake ID card was from China when he just entered the first year of college.

When it was done, he and his friend were just 18 years old. They thought that having a fake driving license can help they buy wine more easily (US law says people can’t buy alcohol until 21 years old), so they had the first transaction on the largest fake ID supplier on the Internet).


Jack said that Buy-ID was the name of the supplier. The first time he heard about the name was

in the second year of high school, when the senior students got fake documents from Buy-ID. "They are one group of Chinese men, may be gangdom or the gang just sell fake documents to American youngsters.” he continued. "As their group grows larger and larger,

they are divided into different "companies".

Buy-ID is one of these kind of company and the most successful one. ”


Now, Jack has at least 20 fake IDs. He got an obvious conclusion: the

fake ID has become a permission card that you can easily go to an adult filed that was previously inaccessible area (clubs and casinos). With a fake ID, you can go in and out these places which makes them like Hollywood Adolescents.


You might think that Jack doesn't need twenty fake ID cards, but he has to keep up with the pace of technological advancement.

 “People are always pursuing the best products on the market,  that is why they are like me

have so many fake IDs. He showed me his latest photo: a fake Utah

ID, which is considered to be the best on the market today. He said, "it looks like real, the most important thing is that it can be scanned under the ultraviolet light.”


He suggested me putting my California ID card on the light and looking for a bear, that was one of California's unique anti-counterfeit technologies. The fake ID is so real even the experienced bodyguard and liquor store owner can be cheated. Since most of them think the key point to tell the true or fake ID is the bear. It is said this kind of fake ID is produced by high-end machine, that’s why people cannot tell the true or fake card.

But the worst enemy of fake ID is: The Box scanner. This small box shows the real information on the screen. And with the information the bodyguards, shopkeepers or casino staffs can easily identify the ID.

The Box scanner scans the entire front and back of the ID and compares it to the real one.

Since there is no perfect fake ID, there is no way to pass the scanner test. Jack said:

“Fortunately, these machines are not common, and most of them are in the megacities.


For Jack, gathering all 50 states fake IDs is not only for the convenience of buying alcohols but a way to enrich your life: if the Chicago museum provides half-price tickets for local residents and he will pick up his Illinois identity card. If the Bronx Zoo has a similar promotion, then he also has a New York ID.


Of course, Jack's girlfriend also has her own fake ID. They like to go to dinner or drink beer together. They think this will make the relationship more mature.

 Jack said: "I like to relax after busy study and buy some alcohol for everyone. I don't think I will use the fake ID to do bad things but just use it to reach the adult’s world.”


Today, the industry of fake IDs has moved to the Internet. Most young people

buy fake IDs online as casual as buying cell phone accessories in Amazon. However, the suppliers are not in Seattle, they are in China. But in the meanwhile you also can see a large of forged documents are caught in the US airports.

Jack told me usually there would be a student telling everyone that he wanted to buy a fake ID online, and then anyone else who wanted to buy as well would give him the money for bulk purchasing. It can reduce the price to nearly one-third, which means that 10 people buy together

each person can buy a forged ID of $99 to $119 for only $60.


Rachel, a 22-year-old university teaching assistant, said: "I have confiscated four IDs, one is Wisconsin,one is Hawaiian, and 2 Washington, they all claimed to buy online. The most impressive thing is that I met a girl who was unconscious and I saw her leaning on the desk.

And right on the desk there was an Illinois ID card. I am from Illinois, so I noticed it immediately. It looked so real except for a little bit difference in color. ”




Jack hasn’t got any troubles with his fake ID cards yet. He thought possibly because of his cautious. One of his roommates likes boasting of his fake IDs, even at the entrance of the liquor store or lining up at the bar. "Although he hasn't been caught yet, I think it is sooner or later. Jack said. "The key point about using fake IDs is keeping silence.”


Is the fake ID really the fault of those Chinese suppliers? Jack has his own opinion:

"The fake ID exists because the laws of this country are preventing us from drinking.

In fact, if I can't drink legally, I will never block a bullet for this country.

This is the belief that I have always adhered to. ”


It had been 3 weeks since I booked a fake ID from Buy-ID (

Until last week, I didn’t think the fake ID would be received. However, last week, I got

an unmarked small box from China. The most interesting thing was when I opened the box a pair of chopsticks falling down, and suddenly I found 2 Connecticut ID cards falling down with them as well. On the cards my birth year was 1996.


Like Jack, I can't wait to rush into our editorial room, just like I used to rush into the dormitory,

shouting like an adolescent: “I’ pay for all the alcohol tonight.”


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