These days, one of the newest technologies allows liquor store owners to scan their customers’ identification
card, if they feel suspicious that it is fake. This technology scans a code, embedded on the ID card, so it is
not your typical “ Going to ask question to check if the data on the ID card matches “. According to sources
and several blogs, this technology works and that several culprits have already been caught. So the question
is: how to get an ID that is going to pass the scan test?

Let’s start off with the basics. This scan ID technology works in a way that it reads the data from a stripe
printed out on ones ID card, driver’s license, student card etc, Then, it is used, of course, to determine the
legitimacy of a certain personal document. Most stores and airports now have them. It works as a bar code
scanner that can be found in every store in USA and the UK. Even though it works and it represents an end –
to – end face identification technology there is, there is of course a way around it.

This technology also works on OSR basic scanning. To fake an ID, first you go online to find a seller. These
sellers use the Internet to find a photo and to fish for information that are most relatable to your personal
identity. If the seller knows how to do their job, making of the photo and finding the info to use for the ID
card should be child’s play. You just go online.

But what about the code embedded in the stripe that can be found on every identification card? If you also
do a more thorough search online, you can find another piece of technology that allows the seller to imprint
the code on the document. And to get this type of technology, you don’t even need any special
documentation on most sites and most companies that make it and sell it.

I know that it is important to prove the legitimacy of the ID card and to protect someone else’s privacy. But
because the code that is going to be on the ID is usually someone else’s or just made up, why not allow some
high school and college students to have some fun? These youngsters are not to be discouraged, after all.
Instead, they are to be empowered to get these fake IDs so they can earn their pass through places and
situations they would normally be barred from on account of their age.

Every technology has a way around it and a flaw in its system. Fake IDs that scan have especially been a
growing technology in the USA and also the UK. All of us have seen how young people in these two
countries like to party. By growing off the underage drinking problem here, with it grows the selling and
making of ID cards that are scan proofed. Authorities here are already fighting a losing battle, because their
approaches just don’t work anymore.

To get yourself an ID card that is going to pass the scan test, you can contact one of your classmates that
already has one, or go on the Internet. And yes, it pays, a lot more, because after all, you are getting a stateof-the-art ID card. One day, this ID card is going to take you places!

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