Reseller Program

Welcome to the BUY-ID reseller program. Buy-ID provides our reseller with the lowest price and best service. We will help you maximize revenue growth potential. Are you currently enrolled in college, around a college, or just know a ton of people who want Fake IDs? Read more to see how it works and how to be a partner.

How it Works

1. Deeply discounted reseller pricing. Far below our retail prices on our website leaving you with plenty of margin, as long as you have at least 10 ID in your first orde(insufficient orders can’t place the order), you will order at the reseller price.
2. If you really want to join us but still don't have 10 ID orders for the first time, you can deposit $1000 in your BUY-ID personal account, then you will be qualified to be a reseller, and you can use the amount of your personal account to pay the rest of the orders.
3. Once you already have 10 ID ORDERS or DEPOSIT $1000 according to the above rules, you will be the reseller for the next 30 days.
4. Once to be a resellers, there is no minimum purchase volume, even you only order 1ID, you still can order at the reseller price.
5. In addition to the initial 10 orders or the $1000 already recharged, the reseller's qualification is extended by one month for each additional 5 orders, and so on. If the accumulated new ID orders do not reach 5 when the reseller status is valid, you will lose the reseller's qualification, but the amount of your personal account in Buy-ID is always valid.
6. When you see that your reseller's qualification has expired, you can renew it by placing an order for 10 IDs or deposit it for another $500.

Reseller Program Benefits

  • Lowest price: according to different states,you will get the best wholesale price.
  • All orders of reseller will be produced first, and can get our best customer service!
  • Global express delivery, express delivery 4-6 days arrival!
  • Up to make 80% or more profits depends on how much you charge your clients.

How to Join

We're thrilled that you're interested in joining our international team of reseller To join the program, make sure you register using the correct e-mail and have logged in, and then click the button below. According to the prompt of the system, once you complete the order or deposit according to the above rules, you can get the reseller qualification immediately. That’s it!

Join now,What’s your decision?

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LATEST NEWS !!! If you buy with your friends, you will get more discounts. 2-3 persons will be 15% off, 4-9 persons will be 25% off. For more than 10 persons, please place an order from the "reseller" page. You will get the best price.