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Help desk is active Mon-Fri. No tickets will be replied to on the weekends and most holidays - all queries will be replied to the following Monday. Thank you for your understanding.

1. You must register an account first, and then you can post or reply to other people's posts at any time.
2. Do not publish any personal information (address, name, email etc.) here. This is an unsafe behavior.
3. Do not reveal us'stealth shipping methods, package descriptions, shipping origins, or any other information deemed sensitive.
4. Before you send in a ticket, Make sure you have your order number - without it we can't do anything.
5. It is forbidden to repeat posting for the same event, which will not help anything. We will delete it.
6. If you are a repeat customer, you are welcome to release a review of our products here. If your review is complete, please contact us and we will provide you with the discount code. (The complete review includes descriptions of the quality of ID production, security features and scannability in no less than 50 words, and must include at least two pictures.)
7. We show the help desk content to everyone to prove that we are an active and reliable fake ID provider. A small number of people encounter various problems in the process, and we will try our best to help them solve them. But 90% of customers don't have any problems, so they don't post here.
8. When you ask questions about tracking numbers and personal privacy, please communicate via e-mail. Because we can't publish your privacy in this public place.

 Our e-mail address is [email protected], which normally replies within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays.

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Dear users, our group buying activities are already online. If you buy with your friends, you will get more discounts. 2 or more persons each ——20% off, 4 or more persons each ——30% off. As long as the number of people is met, the program will automatically use the group purchase price in the order. ➤➤➤If you have orders for more than 10 people, Please apply to be a distributor through the "RESELLERS" will order at the distributor price.