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Contact us➤➤➤If in doubt, how can I contact you?
If you have any questions or need further services, you can contact us at any time through the CONTACT page or [email protected]. We promise to reply to you within 24 hours. We always put customer experience first.
Ordering➤➤➤Why should I buy from you?

We offer high quality IDs for a reasonable price. We've been in the industry for years. Everything is done anonymously and we would never sell or release your personal information to anyone. Our website are hosted offshore. Our production is done offshore as well, away from the jurisdiction of our Law Enforcement agencies here in the US.  It's no exaggeration to say that because we focus on producing high quality fake IDs, many other websites you see are actually our distributors. So it's safe and reliable to choose us.

Ordering➤➤➤What preparation do you need before ordering?

Simply, there are three things you need to prepare: 

1.color certificate photo(How to Take Your Own ID Photos);  

2.ID signature photos; 

3.Money or a small amount of encrypted currency(How to pay?)

Once you're ready, you just need to choose the state ID you want to make on the website, fill in the required information step by step, and pay Money or a small amount of encrypted currency to complete the order. After completing the order, we will automatically start the production process, and your ID will be ready in about 3-5 days. Then we will send the ID to you by parcel according to the delivery mode you choose in the order. After sending out, we will also provide tracking numbers so that you can inquire about the location of the package at any time, which is so simple and reliable.

Ordering➤➤➤How do I place an order?
Click “SHOP” to order. You will be taken to the main order page that shows the products you can add to your cart.
Ordering➤➤➤What if I am ordering more than one ID?
When the information of the first ID is completed, click Add and add another and repeat this operation until all your orders are filled out. When filling in the information of the last ID, click Add and check out or go to the shopping cart to check out.Pricing will automatically update to reflect any quantity based discounts.
Ordering➤➤➤If I order from your site is my information kept private?

Yes, your info is safe with us. We use SSL encryption on our order form to protect your data while it's being submitted. We use private offshore web hosting so that NOBODY can access your information except for us. All of your information is permanently deleted after you receive your ID. We have to keep it temporarily just in case there is a problem with your order.

Ordering➤➤➤What name should I use for my ID?
We highly recommend using your real name. This allows you to have multiple forms of secondary IDs like your credit cards, student ID, etc. This also makes it easier to remember.
Ordering➤➤➤What Date of Birth(DOB) should I use for my ID?
Being 21 is cool, but being 22 or 23 is better. Most people with Fake IDs say 21. Being older might bring less attention to you. It’s totally up to you. Our product introduction page also gives some suggestions on the DOB of ID version.
Ordering➤➤➤What about the Issued Date and Expiration Date?
Our system will automatically calculate these dates. We will choose an issued date that is 8-10 days after your 21st birthday to reflect what happens with real IDs when someone turns 21. Our system makes sure that your issued date doesn’t fall on a Sunday or Holiday. Your expiration date is calculated to match what a real ID would say. Of course, if you want to customize this date, you just need to mention it in "Additional Information".
Ordering➤➤➤How should I take my picture?
You can use any newer model smart phone for your picture, it will come out just fine. Using a DSLR camera is always best, but with advances in camera technology, your newer Galaxy or iPhone will do a great job. Click HERE to learn more about taking a proper picture.
Ordering➤➤➤Can I smile in my picture?
NO! Do not smile in your picture! Not even a grin! Facial recognition technology requires you to not smile in order to get a proper facial profile, so the DMV does not allow you to smile. This is important as it is an obvious sign of a fake. Our picture processing system is automated, so make sure you get this right!
Ordering➤➤➤I recently have a photo taken for passport. Will that work if i scan it?
Ordering➤➤➤If I take a picture of my signature on paper will that work or will it have to be an electronic signature?
Photo of your signature on a piece of paper is fine.
Ordering➤➤➤Should I specify a valid address for my fake ID?
We provide a unique valid address for every fake ID that we produce. However, if you want to specify your own address, you can include it into the Additional info of your order.
Ordering➤➤➤How do I get a discount?

of course, our group buying activities are already online. If you buy with your friends, you will get more discounts.  2 or more persons each ——20% off,   4 or more persons each ——30% off.  As long as the number of people is met, the program will automatically use the group purchase price in the order. If you have orders for more than 10 people, Please apply to be a distributor through the "RESELLERS" will order at the distributor price.

In addition, we also offer a discount to INVITE FRIENDS so that you and your friends can get $ 25.00  at the same time. In short, our preferential activities are rich and colorful.

Payments➤➤➤What payment method do you accept?
We currently support mainstream payment methods such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Direct Bitcoin ATM deposit(no bitcoin experience necessary), WU(Western Union), Cashapp(via bitcoin withdraw) and Paypal, If there are better payment methods in the future, we will add them at any time. All this is done to make it easier for you to buy.please read How To Pay?
Payments➤➤➤How do I pay with bitcoin?
During checkout, a brand new receiving code is generated for your order, and this code is provided along with the total amount of bitcoin due in plain text and in QR Code form. If you use a bitcoin wallet, you simply scan the QR code and send the payment. Everything is automatic.
Payments➤➤➤How do I pay with WU(Western Union)?
You can read "How to Pay" to learn how to use WU to pay. If you don't have a WU payment network around you, we strongly recommend that you use Bitcoin to pay because it's faster, safer and cheaper.
Payments➤➤➤What is Direct Bitcoin ATM Payment?
We make it easy for you to use the QR Code(barcode) provided during checkout to go to a bitcoin ATM and deposit the amount due using nothing but our barcode. This makes it so you can use bitcoin without any experience at all. It is extremely simple to do. No experience necessary. More information can be found at the "How to pay?".
Payments➤➤➤How do I pay with Cashapp?
Cashapp allows you to buy bitcoin. You must be verified to withdraw. Once you are verified, all you do is open Cashapp, buy bitcoin on the main dashboard, and then withdraw the bitcoin to our address, which is provided during checkout. As long as you are already verified, this payment is instant. No bitcoin experience necessary.More information can be found at the "How to pay?".
Payments➤➤➤How do I know when my payment has been accepted?
If you pay in encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin and pay strictly for the total amount prompted on the page, you can receive successful e-mail orders in just a few seconds. If you don't pay in encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, you will also wait for staff review (usually completed within 24 hours) before you can get a successful e-mail order. If you encounter any problems during the payment process, please send an email to [email protected] and we will solve the problem for you at any time.
Payments➤➤➤I want a refund! How do I get my money back?
If the order is successful, you want to cancel the order. Please send an email to [email protected] within 24 hours of successful order, and we will cancel the order for you. We would be happy to give you a full refund. The refund will be made in Bitcoin.
Payments➤➤➤Can I pay by credit card?
For security reasons, we cannot accept these payment methods. You are welcome to use Coinbase to buy bitcoin using paypal or a credit card, just know that it has been known to take up to 20 days to receive your bitcoin.
Shipping➤➤➤Where do you ship orders from?
All orders are manufactured and packaged in, as well as shipped from the Overseas. Get away from the jurisdiction of American law enforcement agencies and Make both buyers and ID makers safer.. In Overseas, fake ID manufacturing in the United States is not illegal. So we can use Overseas's advanced equipment to make the world's most realistic fake ID.
Shipping➤➤➤What shipping company do you use?
For American addresses, we mainly use USPS, DHL. FedEx and UPS are sometimes used when delivering goods to other countries around the world. Thanks to the vigorous development of global e-commerce, international express delivery is now fast and safe.
Shipping➤➤➤How long will it take to complete the ID after the order is successful?
After you pay the order, we will automatically start the production process. Generally speaking, the production can be completed in 3-5 working days.Updates to the order status will be emailed to you, which will make you feel that everything is in control.
Shipping➤➤➤How long will it take me to receive the ID when it's finished?
Delivery time depends on the delivery mode and location you choose in your order. We support global delivery. Generally speaking, choose DHL express delivery to the United States. Receiving time is only 5-7 days, if it is in other parts of the world, it will need to increase by 1-2 days. If you choose free delivery, the average time is 7-14 working days, because the delivery of USPS is always so random. 
Shipping➤➤➤Do you provide Tracking Number for shipped orders?
Whatever mode of shipping you choose, you can get a tracking number. Once us start shipping, you will receive an email with tracking number automatically sent to you by the everything is under your control.
Shipping➤➤➤Does the package say anything about Fake IDs?
No, there will be nothing about the package that will in anyway indicate what is inside. 
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤Where can I use my Fake ID?
You can use your Fake ID at bars, restaurants, strip clubs, night clubs, liquor stores, etc. Do not use your ID to try to open a bank account, commit identity theft, board an airline, or cross a border. Do not hand your ID to a law enforcement officer. The ID will not work for any of these things, as your license number will not be in their system matching the issued date, expiration date, and other data on the ID that we set ourselves. Do not ask us to customize this data as we will not.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤Can I use my ID to work?
That is not what this ID is intended for.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What information should I know about my ID?
You should memorize any information on your ID that you would normally know about your real ID. Know your new zodiac sign! Know your neighborhood! Look up the address if you didn’t provide your own. Learn the nearest intersections and any business names near by. Bouncers have been known to ask questions like this.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What should I do if a bouncer says it's fake?
Because of the quality of our IDs, the odds of this happening are low. Some bouncers, based on the way someone acts, will test someone by putting the ID in their pocket or telling them it’s fake. Simply respond, “call the cops then because you’re not keeping my ID” and see how they react. If the situation escalates beyond that, it’s probably time to walk away. Most of the time, they are just bluffing you, and it’s all about how you carry yourself.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What if they ask for a second piece of ID?
This is why we think it’s important to use your real name. This way, you have credit cards, a social security card, a student ID, and other pieces of ID that match the name on your card.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What if my ID is taken away?
Contact customer support([email protected]) and we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤Does the ID scan?
Our barcode is exactly 1:1. Not many vendors can claim this. Our barcode is exactly the same as a real one, and will scan on ALL barcode scanners as real. If a barcode scanner calls it fake, then it is calling all versions of that state fake. 100% guaranteed.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What about UV/Black Light?
Our IDs have the exact same UV patterns under a black light as a real ID. 
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What about the hologram?
All of our IDs ship with a 1:1 copy of the real hologram. It will pass even the most trained eye.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What about the bend test?
Our fake ID passes any and all bend tests flawlessly. There will be no damage left behind and no crease or anything else that would give it away as fake. Our IDs bend exactly as a real one would.
Using Your Fake ID➤➤➤What about the "feel" of the ID?
We have gone through great lengths to ensure that our material is such that the feel and look of the front and back is as perfect as it can be. This is very hard to replicate on the fake ID. You will be shocked at how spot on it is. Have a friend put 4 real IDs in their pocket and 1 fake and try to pull the fake out. They won’t be able to tell the difference, and neither will a bouncer.
Resellers➤➤➤What is a reseller?
A reseller is someone who buys IDs from us and sells them to other people. There is a lot of money to be made doing this!
Resellers➤➤➤How can I become a resellers of fake ID?
It is a very mature industry, many people are engaged in this industry,  resellers system is also very perfect and efficient. If you want to join us to make money, it's very simple. You only need to have an order of more than 10 people for the first time or recharge $1,000 in the website to get a certain time limit of resellers qualification, which can make you a lot of money.   welcome you to make money with us!    ----Click here to join----
Resellers➤➤➤I am a college student. Can I be your resellers?
Of course, many college students or international students are already our resellers. As we all know, the number of college students who need fake ID is very large. If you are a college student, then you have an advantage. You can easily make your classmates become customers, and you can also make them become your subordinate agents to get more customers. In a word, there are too many college students or international students who join us and earn a lot of money. Don't envy them driving luxury cars and hugging beautiful women. You can too.     ----Click here to join----
Resellers➤➤➤If I am a resellers, how can I organize group orders?
The dealer's job is actually very simple. You should first get information about each customer: name, birthday, eye color, hair color, weight, height, gender, etc. Most importantly, read the photo instructions to make sure that each of your customers has taken a good picture(How to Take Your Own ID Photos)! Make a clear record of which state ID each customer needs, and then charge the customer a fee. The profit depends on the price you sell. After doing this, you just need to place an order on the website to complete the work. The rest of the work we will complete very well, we will start production in time, ID production completed, according to the order information will be uniformly delivered to you or to each customer.
Resellers➤➤➤How much should I charge?
The best resellers out there make the least amount per ID. You want volume! The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to tell their friends that they know where to get an ID. We recommend charging $50, but some people charge as much as $200! You can see how you can make a ton of money doing this!
➤➤➤Can I use your ids to do illegal things?

No, our ids are for entertainment only and you can get in serious trouble if you use them to break the law. Please review the Terms of Service in detail and we strongly recommend that you do not do anything illegal.

➤➤➤What are you terms of service?
We strongly recommend that you read the Terms of Service carefully as this is important to us!
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Dear users, our group buying activities are already online. If you buy with your friends, you will get more discounts. 2 or more persons each ——20% off, 4 or more persons each ——30% off. As long as the number of people is met, the program will automatically use the group purchase price in the order. ➤➤➤If you have orders for more than 10 people, Please apply to be a distributor through the "RESELLERS" will order at the distributor price.