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variety of ways to enter the bar before the age of 21

The term clubbing, going to a bar, etc. may raise images of dancing throughout the night, drinking and getting connected with other individuals. There are a lot of exciting activities you can get when clubbing, you may feel anxious and the "getting into a club" part of the night will be a bit harrowing especially if it is your first time. If you are in the United States where the legitimate drinking age is 21 years old, you won't probably go to a club. In any case, many under 21 teens have mastered the art of getting into the club by simply using the following tricks; 

1. Using fake ID 

BUY-ID( ) offers this kind of service, you can a fake id by just visiting their website. All you need is to purchase the ID by just adding the information you want. You can as well use customizable features available on the site to help you edit and make an id that you want. The ID will be beautifully designed, high quality and it has high safety holograms. While a few bars and clubs currently have scanners, the ID is scannable. You can try this by downloading any scanning app to verify this. They usually charge an affordable fee and each time you Invite friends you will be given a $25 reward. So, the next time you want to visit that club for excitement, visit the site and get a fake Id that will help you pass through those harsh bouncers. This method is one of the best and workable.

2. Ask individuals who are leaving for their wristbands. 

Pull them off by snatching the excess paper band in the center and removing them outward to control the adhering part from getting messed up. You can use chewed gum, tape, glue to stick it together if it does not stick or you pulled it off like a derp. 

3. Copy the bar stamp. 

Numerous clubs stamp people on their hands to show that they have paid, they use stamps of different colors but black being the major. You can as well copy the bar stamp on your hand by just using a black sharpie. For somebody who has been there earlier, use this device to copy that stamp from his/her hand and the stamp yourself. 

4. Befriend the DJ. 

A lot of DJs like people who support and appreciate their music, that is why they will also have their own lists for people who will attend. Make an effort to meet the DJ and tell him/her how much you like and support them, seduce them with a drink if it happens you have got chance and they are likely to help you. Try not to ask for a lot of song requests, just dance to their music. 

5. Be confident when you are walking through the entrance. 

This strategy works best at clubs without cover however can be applied in conjunction with different techniques in different settings. Just walk confidently by the bouncer. Most at times the bouncer will say nothing, 25% he'll express something to which you'll answer by pointing inside like you've just been there and are meeting your companions who have urgently missed you, 25% of the time you will be asked to stop to which you'll answer that you've just been there, meeting companions, checking out the band, getting some water, and so on. Let's assume it in a cool manner that conveys confidence, no neediness, and no hostility. 

6. Cash/gifts

Bouncers are prohibited from taking money bribes for entry, some will still accept. When you are opting to use this method, don’t humiliate yourself by giving out a few cents, a little more cash will see you get into the club. it's less expensive than bottle service. 

7. Blog 
Everybody has a Tumbler or Twitter nowadays, so if there's a party you need to get connected to, a great method to do it is to expound on it or take pics or even simply post about it. Writing something or looking for ways to advertising the party will make you be noticed. 


Hopefully, the above tips will get you into any bar or clubs in your area without any trouble while saving time. Be careful though, you can get tossed out of the bar just as easily as getting in, so don't go shouting about it when you have succeeded getting through that door.

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