Old Connecticut ID (Dob before Feb.1,1996)

ID card has laser anti-counterfeiting logo on the front

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Topnotch services of fake id shop

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How to Order FAKE ID

In a few simple steps, you can get your favorite novelty ID.


Create Fake ID
Select an ID template you like through the "SHOP" page and fill in the personal information needed to create the ID. If you have more customization requirements, you can also fill it in the "additional information" of your personal information.
Discount Options
You can get a group discount by inviting friends to order together. When the number of subscribers meets the requirement of group purchase, the system will automatically use the group purchase price. If you get other preferential codes, you can use them at any time.
Payment Options
We offer you a variety of convenient payment methods, such as Bitcoin, Western Union, Alipay and PayPal. If you have any payment problems, please send an email or contact us on the website. We serve you 24 hours.
The ID will be put into production immediately after the order is successful, and you will get the tracking number after shipment. Time of shipment varies from country to country and mode of shipment. If you choose DHL, the time of shipment is 5-7 days.
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LATEST NEWS !!! If you buy with your friends, you will get more discounts. 2-3 persons will be 15% off, 4-9 persons will be 25% off. For more than 10 persons, please place an order from the "reseller" page. You will get the best price.