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Is having a fake ID a felony?

Two people were happy to get fake ID.

Is having a fake ID a felony?’ is a question that perhaps a lot of you asked yourself. But perhaps when you enter busy pubs and booze parties on Friday nights, you see many college kids, most of them underage, in saloons and lounges, sipping on alcoholic drinks. Of course, you’d wonder how did these obviously underage kids are having the time of their lives? Fake IDs, silly! But, technically speaking possessing a fake ID is not really a criminal offense, but using it to impersonate someone else, say in an election most definitely is.

Earlier, you could get easily busted for carrying fake IDs because they weren’t authentic enough. But with the Internet taking over the world and masterminds producing IDs that can never be told apart from the original, you can have easy access to well, just about everywhere. However, there are lots of convincing scams going around the internet that might make you vary but not is a genuine website which helps you get very genuine-looking or shall I say convincing fake IDs that you can purchase at nominal prices. Let me take you through how this works. sells high-quality IDs at a reasonable price. They are an online store for scanning able fake IDs with hologram. This means that the barcode on the ID is scanned able. The ID producers use the same method as the US DMV which means, apart from barcodes, the ID also features miniature texts, holograms, raised texts, and laser perforations. The ID also features the UV light irradiating anti-counterfeit label. Unlike the low-quality fake IDs, IDs from have almost no scope of embarrassing you with a fake ID situation, which is it will show “pass” on all devices that would ever scan the ID. In fact, it also bends like a real ID! And that is not all. You can order for IDs which are customized according to your needs. takes you through the entire process of ID generating step-by-step. It allows you to add information according to your needs and choices. It will help you get a state of your choice, be it New California ID or New York ID, Connecticut ID or Rhode Island ID. If you want to give a made up name, you absolutely can. However, advises that you use your real name and date of birth. Just put the year in your date of birth in a manner that it would make you 21 years old according to your fake ID. 

You may ask “where can I buy a fake ID?” and you might be directed to a local address either by the web search or a peer. But do you really have to get it from a local vendor? I mean, meeting a trader face to face, might put you at risk. But getting an ID online, isn’t that convenient? uses a fully automated ordering system that would help you to order for the IDs yourself without anyone else getting involved. It also offers different modes of payment, namely through Bitcoins, Litecoin, Western Union and PayPal so that there is ease of payments. 

After the payment is made and confirmation is received, the order will automatically be produced and then couriered to you. All it takes is a couple of days and voila! you have your IDs that, nobody would be able to say, are fake. also has secure customer support and can be contacted for queries.

The supreme quality fake IDs produced by will ensure that you have a great time wherever you wish to party, without the risk of being embarrassed and of course, promises to quote a fair price for the IDs. also provides numerous discounts and offers. Group purchases for a group of more than 10, then you get to buy the IDs at a �distributor’s rate’. For 2 or more person, the discounted rate will be 20 percent off and for a group of 4 or more people, you will get 30 percent off on the IDs. You can even earn $25 dollar whenever a friend signs up with your link and makes a successful purchase. 

So what is it that you are waiting for? Place your order today. Easy-peasy! Now, that you know, get your friends, order your IDs and get partying!

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