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5 Most Popular Ways for Teens to Get a Fake ID | How to get a fake ID?

5 Most Popular Ways for Teens to Get a Fake ID | How to get a fake ID?

One law in the United States that cannot be supported by the majority is that no alcoholic beverages are allowed to be drunk or purchased under the age of 21. It's pretty incredible because 16-20 is a hormone-filled age, and partying, falling in love, clubbing, and team celebrating which ever is inseparable from alcohol participation. So, they always ask: How to get a fake ID?
This article will show you 5 of the most popular ways to get a fake ID today.
Okay, first let's see what a perfect fake ID looks like. (Click here to go check the perfect fake ID.)

1. Purchase from an offender in your vicinity.

We all know that fake IDs were initially used by some lawbreakers to do bad things, so lawbreakers always have some well-established channels to get fake IDs, and some even make a living selling them. This method of obtaining fake IDs was mainstream throughout the 1990s and early part of this century. And of course, you know, the police know. So these people are slowly all becoming regular objects of police attention. To this day, trading on the street in this way is stupid and dangerous. When they are arrested, your personal information is compromised, and the next thing you know, the police may be knocking on your door.
Recommended Index: Not Recommended

2. Purchase via social media or telephone

When you start keeping an eye out for information about fake IDs, you may find that some people on the web are selling fake IDs through whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook, and sometimes provide a phone number. As you try to communicate with them, you will find that they are very chatty and will tell you a lot of various information about fake IDs to gain your trust. Yes, their biggest goal is to gain your trust and probably send you all sorts of pictures and videos to let you know they are real fake ID sellers (these pictures and videos are probably all collected by them and are not their own). I'm serious for once: please don't believe them. Because most of the time, you'll run into a scammer and when you pay, they'll either disappear or just delete you from the address book. A person or team that is serious about this business cannot operate solely on social accounts or phone calls. Of course, not everyone is a scammer, it's just that the odds of meeting a scammer this way are pretty high.

Recommended index: one star

3. Learning and making fake identity cards on your own

This method seems to be the safest and most reliable, it's just that what I'm about to say may make you give up on the idea and even frustrate you. To this day, fake IDs in U.S. states have upgraded their production process and the difficulty of copying them is increasing. Trying to mimic the perfect fake ID with skimpy equipment to accomplish it is already an impossible task. Because you need to solve Teslin base materials, high quality surface laminates, invisible ink printing in multiple colors, holograms in multiple colors, laser microperforations, raised text, high precision fake ID templates, coding programs for state barcode systems. All of this, for an individual, is too hard.

Recommendation Index: Not recommended

4. Purchase of fake identity cards through acquaintances at school.

Some people will buy fake IDs through their schoolmates or senior friends, which is no problem since they have all been successful in getting fake IDs. This option is safe, except that this approach is actually a resale process. Experienced people sell fake IDs in this way at relatively high prices and then keep telling you not to try other ways because you will get ripped off, etc. He's right about all of that, it's just that you need to pay a higher price. If you want to get a fake ID for a cheap price, this is not the best option.

Recommended index: 3 stars

5. Purchase through a well-known fake ID website

This method is the most convenient and secure method today, where you don't need to contact anyone to get a fake ID through a well-known fake ID website. Since you avoided the school's resellers, you were able to get fake IDs at a better price, and of course get a group discount if you were buying with a few friends. You don't have to learn the crafting techniques on your own, prepare materials, approach strangers, or pay more expensive prices. Hi friend, I really can't think of a better way than this one. BUY-ID.COM has been one of the best fake ID sites for years and you can see that the site has a large number of users recommending it.

Now, let's go and see what the best fake ID sites look like, click here to go and check them out.


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